The only thing curious about this curatorship is the curatorship itself

Khandani Msibi is the Group CEO of 3Sixty Life.Image: Werner Beukes/SAPA

Khandani Msibi is the Group CEO of 3Sixty Life.Image: Werner Beukes/SAPA

Published May 5, 2022


Ground-Up seems to have taken a liking to one side of this story. The dishonest side.

In his article "The curious curator of 3Sixty Life" James Stent takes the liberty of writing about someone he did not have the decency to interview.

Ms. Ram declined to a full interview but did confirm that has been her standing response to all journalists. Yet some of these articles focus purely on her.

The nature of public interest of this matter is not as lopsided as to one person as unknowing readers may be lead to believe.

The strategy of reporting on the curator herself and not the curatorship must be applauded as a sound distraction tactic.

While readers are pondering "what is an actuary anyone" the spotlight is diverted from the real questions : Why did the PA and BDO collude and lie. Not once, but systematically, and under oath.

The curious curatorship was awarded to BDO who only birthed their financial services practice 2 years ago, has no insurance experience and before Ms. Ram was targeted as the sacrificial lamb, had no actuarial division at all.

When the PA decided to slaughter 3Sixty Life at the abattoir called curatorship, they did a sloppy job at finding a butcher that would comply.

BDO may be compliant with the PA, with a history of messy clients including Ithala Bank, Nestlife etc were there was bloodshed, the knife bearer did as told. But for this slaughter, there was not the same alignment of brutality. The curator refused to bloody her hands with wrongful doing. And in turn became the sacrificial lamb herself.

The curious case of the curatorship should only raise our curiosity towards the actions of those at the regulator that instruct henchmen at their chosen service providers to carry out their bloody tactics.

If one sensibly studies the court papers, the facts are clear. BDO admitted that Ms Ram never misled them. They swore under oath that they were fully appraised to the progress Ms Ram had made in her chosen route to qualifying as an actuary.

BDO further states under oath that Ms Ram did not amend her CV to mislead the PA. Dean Benn of the PA states that they found her CV on the BDO website on a date it simply was not there. He said this under oath. Legal practitioners from ENS, who represent the PA, have sworn affidavits under oath that has later been contradicted.

We should only be curious about the safety of financial services under the guise of regulations. The curious case of the curatorship should leave you with many questions, but none about the integrity of the curator.

Nothing curious about an unknowing individual being publicly slaughtered. Something very curious about a regulatory body finding a distraction for the spotlight on the public stage, while the show is going on behind the curtains.

A curious case indeed.

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