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Sunday, August 14, 2022

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The rise and downfall of R Kelly

Robert ‘R.Kelly’ Kelly.Image:File

Robert ‘R.Kelly’ Kelly.Image:File

Published Jul 5, 2022


Robert Kelly was once recognised by millions across the globe as a music giant who effortlessly thrived in his artistry, but his world began to tremble after startling revelations of sexual abuse came to light.

After years of targeting and victimising young girls, boys and women for his gratification, it boils down to saying goodbye to his career and having his freedom taken away from him.

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Taking from people’s reactions from across social platforms it seems like only a few will mourn the end of his music career after he was handed a 30-year prison sentence for his sexual abuse, which persisted for a long time.

With this verdict some lauded the justice system for a great victory in the rule of law, particularly after he had overlooked it.

The recent turn of events in his life has also become living proof that fame and fortune could not in any way act as a barricade for his transgressions.

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Concurring with the saying that “whatever that is done in the dark comes back to the light”.

And just like that his name no longer held any significance other than being known as a “paedophile”, among other names.

From a smash hitmaker to incarceration

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For someone who has for the longest time been hailed for his undeniable magnificence in the music arena, no one could have foretold that today his career would be a thing of the past.

This is the same man who sold nearly 60 million albums during his 25-year career.

There is no doubt that his music pierced beyond American shores and placed itself comfortably on a global scale.

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At the mention of “R Kelly” one effortlessly thinks of smash hits that many have strongly related with from his rich music catalogue.

Revealing who he was behind closed doors

Those who knew him behind closed doors have told and proved everything that one needs to know about vile he was.

Among many names that revealed who he is, a paedophile and a monster are still the highlights of his character.

R Kelly went all out and rented properties for young women in Chicago and the Atlanta suburbs while comfortably dictating every aspect of their lives.

A truckload of red flags was there when he married Aaliyah at 15, but his career and influence were seemingly bigger than concerns.

He was a megastar, and his influence worked to entice young girls who at the end of the day revealed the kind of person he is.

Many revelations that have been brought to life have painted a picture of what R Kelly’s life offstage had been like over the past years.

Women who have had sexual encounters with him identified the music phenomenon as a puppet master who controlled everything in their lives.

Failure to adhere to his rules and instructions were most likely to result in harsh punishment either verbally or physically.

Not even fortune could save him

According to CNN, a jury convicted Kelly last September on nine counts, including one charge of racketeering and eight counts of violations of the Mann Act, a sex-trafficking law. Prosecutors from the Eastern District of New York accused Kelly of using his status as a celebrity and a “network of people at his disposal to target girls, boys and young women for his own sexual gratification”.

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