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The Soweto Street Cookout is expanding its capacity, by hosting close to 8 000 visitors at their fifth festival showcase, to be hosted at Mofolo Park, on October 27th.

The cookout is modeled around bringing a complete Soweto experience with elements such as food, music, street games and the lingo to be used on the day, all commemorating the township. 

According to the organisers, not only will attendees on the day have various pleasure elements to keep them entertained, but they (organisers) plan on recreating a full Soweto experience by including famous local street and marquees named after the local township suburbs like Protea Glen, Meadowlands and Phiri, among many.

“Upon establishing the festival 3 years ago, we noted how most cookout festivals are normally hosted in parks. So we started with a street theme, where we bring the real kasi feel of how it was like growing up in the streets of the township; giving also what we believe is a real authentic experience that carries memories,” said CEO of the Soweto Street Cookout Happy Mahlape.

Asking what differentiates their cookout festival from the others that exist, Mahlape said that the street element they bring, which resembles the culture of Soweto, is closer connected to what Soweto is about - including food and street games that were played.

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“Through this festival and the magnitude of it, we will be bringing the complete Soweto experience with the cultural village in collaboration with Chef Association of South Africa, re-creating iconic landmarks like Baragwanath Hospital and also using kasi languages to communicate money, food etc,” she adds.

The day will also feature musical performances from Kwaito iconic artists such as Mdu Masilela and Kwaito fame TKZee, among many other scheduled performances.
“Again, I emphasis on how important it is for us to create a full experience of Soweto. We don’t want people coming with cooler boxes to just drink and eat because this is not a food experience only but a Sowetan African experience. 

There are many elements included like food, art and music, but not exclusively anchored on one specific one. All these will come together, for a beautiful day. Our music installment will also be subdivided and will be led by artists from Soweto.

“More than anything, we are tapping into the Arts & Culture and Tourism sector, where the we encourage sustainable businesses that have a positive effect on the the economy,” she adds. The day, for the organisers, will also an opportunity to celebrate the late struggle icon, Oliver Tambo’s birthday; and collectively watch one of the biggest soccer games in Soweto, the derby game between Kaizer Chiefs and Orlando Pirates, “a day full of activities,” adds Mahlape.
The event will start at 10am right through 1am the following morning.


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