MEC Panyaza Lesufi. File Picture: Jacques Naude/African News Agency (ANA)

Johannesburg - Gauteng MEC for Education has shot down suggestions that he should not visit a school where a schoolboy was recorded violently beating another pupil because both children are Afrikaans.

This was after a video recorded at Hoërskool Kempton Park showed a burly built boy brutally assaulting a slightly built boy in the school toilets.

After seeing the video on Twitter on Tuesday, Lesufi stated that he and his spokesperson Steve Mabona would cancel their plans for Wednesday and visit the school instead.

Among those not keen on the MEC visiting the school was Twitter user @Leolebra1. 

"Let them beat each other, they are boers," he wrote, to which Lesufi responded: "No. They are not boers. They are our children."

Many people criticised @Leolebra1's racialised outlook on the matter while praising Lesufi for wanting to protect children regardless of the colour of their skin. @Leolebra1 later deleted his tweet.

@PrinceKBDube agreed with Lesufi writing: "Yes, they are children at the end of the day. Let's not racialize the matter."

@ThabethaReuben said: "You are MEC of education not of colour so I agree with you."

Mabona said they would be at the school around 9.30 on Wednesday morning to get answers from the school about what happened.

In the video, the small boy is on his knees and the big one is standing over him, busy punching him. The burly boy then knees his victim in the face, picks him up and drops him on the floor.

The victim lands on his back and before he can get up, he is kicked in the stomach.

Mabona said Lesufi needs to understand from the school what they have done about what happened.

"The MEC did not call the school first; he is just going there to hear from them directly. He wants to understand what happened and what the school has done about the incident," Mabona said.

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