Transformative revamp under way for Kopanong sports complex in Ivory Park

Published May 14, 2024


In the North East of Johannesburg, in Region A, workers are digging, levelling land, and making preparations for significant improvements to the Kopanong Sports Complex.

These changes are part of the Ivory Park Urban Development Framework, which aims to enhance the area.

According to Kenneth Nxumalo, spokesperson for the Johannesburg Development Agency (JDA), the entity was in charge of this project.

“The Kopanong Sports Stadium has been important to the community in Ivory Park for a long time. It’s where people have played sports, held events, and done other activities.

“It’s undergoing renovations to enhance its features. This involves upgrading sports facilities and making the area more appealing and practical for everyone.

“This project is meant to make the neighbourhood nicer and more sustainable for everyone who lives there. It's all about making sure the community can thrive for years to come.

Nxumalo added that the project’s main components involved upgrading various aspects of the Kopanong Sports Complex to create a more modern and inviting environment. This included building advanced rugby and soccer fields to elevate athletes’ training and competition standards.

Additionally, existing tennis, basketball, and netball courts will undergo extensive refurbishment to ensure residents have access to high-quality recreational facilities.

“Modern amenities like grandstands, a guardhouse, and drinking fountains will enhance the overall user experience for both athletes and spectators. Future plans also include constructing a clubhouse and multi sport building for community events and activities.

“Critical infrastructure upgrades, such as stormwater drainage systems and pedestrian walkways, aim to improve accessibility and safety throughout the complex,” said Nxumalo.

Additionally, there will be places outdoors for exercise and playing cricket to encourage people to be active and enjoy outdoor activities. Making the area look nicer with landscaping and street art will make it a more inviting and pleasant place for everyone to enjoy.

JDA Executive Manager of Project Implementation, Siyabonga Genu, emphasised that by creating inclusive spaces that meet the diverse needs of the community, the revitalised Kopanong Sports Complex was set to become a central hub for social unity and recreational activities for years to come.

He said: “By fostering inclusive spaces that cater to the diverse needs of the community, the transformed Kopanong Sports Complex is poised to become a cornerstone of social cohesion and recreation for generations to come.”

He added that upgrading the sports complex aligned with the JDA’s focus on making urban areas strong, eco-friendly, and good to live in, particularly in busy parts of the city.