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Sunday, August 14, 2022

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Tshego Manche loves that food brings people together

Lux influencer Tshego Manche.

Lux influencer Tshego Manche.

Published May 12, 2021


Johannesburg - Lux influencer Tshego Manche loves being in the kitchen.

Not only does food bring people together, it is also at the heart of celebration and culture.

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Manche teamed up with the La Cucina Malfy culinary experience series to introduce consumers to the “La dolce Vita” lifestyle, demonstrating how to create a dining experience with both food and at-home entertainment.

All this was inspired by the food, drink, culture and aesthetics of Italian living.

Manche spoke to The Star about her favourite food memories:

Q: What are some of your favourite dishes and must-haves for any friend/family get-together?

A: I love anything with rice and pasta. I know that’s a lot of carbs! (Lol). Also, anything with lots of sauce and chilli.

Q: What was the first dish you learnt how to make? Was it a success/ fail?

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A: I think I was 14. I was alone; my mom was not around and my sister was asleep. I was really hungry and decided to make a sandwich. At that time we didn’t have a toaster so I popped it into the oven. It ended up being burnt to a crisp.

Q: When making a dish for the first time, which of the following do you turn to: YouTube, a cookbook or a loved one?

A: Life has been immensely digitised. I used cookbooks a lot. There’s something so special about books that makes you feel connected to the chef.

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But, to be honest… I now use YouTube. I love that I can make something for the first time and KILL IT! It’s so detailed and easy. I can pause and also be guided step by step.

Q: Give us a list of five food items or kitchen accessories/appliances that you can’t live without.

A: I can’t live without my oven. It makes my life easy. I can make almost everything in it – even eggs.

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My blender – I cook a lot of Jollof rice so I need it for some of my relish and stew mixes.

Whisker – I love whisking pancakes for my kids.

My knives

The microwave – You always need hot food.

Q: What is your ultimate culinary and fine dining experience?

A: Dining while a chef is narrating and doing a tasting. I once had an experience in Cape Town. I enjoyed the explanation of how each dish came about, the inspiration behind it and what the chef was thinking.

I love food that comes with a story because it tastes so much better.

Also, performance art with food. Eating a meal, with a good glass of gin or wine while watching a dance or any kind of performance is a vibe.

Q: What comes to mind when you think of Italian food?

A: When I was in Italy the best time was lunchtime.

I love how they take the art of food and eating together seriously. I think between 1pm and 3pm all shops are closed for lunch.

I love the pizza and the creamy pasta.

Q: Share your experience of being part of the La Cucina Malfy Home Cook series.

A: The best part and what I was impressed by was the making of the pasta from scratch. It was memorable, I would like to incorporate this when I have guests. I love pairing the Malfy Con Arancia with grapefruit. With the Originale and Malfy Con Limone, I enjoy it with lemon and rosemary.

I used to be a fruit salad kind of girl – putting everything inside. However, I have learnt much better. I don’t over-garnish as it removes the flavour of the actual gin.

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