Tycoon Louis Liebenberg says Zuma never stole any money

Tycoon and recently approved independent candidate, Louis Liebenberg during a media briefing in Rosebank on Thursday. | Siyabonga Sithole

Tycoon and recently approved independent candidate, Louis Liebenberg during a media briefing in Rosebank on Thursday. | Siyabonga Sithole

Published Apr 19, 2024


Diamond tycoon and recently approved independent candidate, Louis Liebenberg, has unveiled his plan to work with the uMkhonto Wesizwe Party (MKP), the EFF and other progressive parties to remove the ANC and the DA from power.

Liebenberg, who officially launched himself as a worthy candidate in four provinces during a media briefing in Rosebank on Thursday, said he has no problem funding the MKP, the EFF, Jacob Zuma and any other parties and deserving individuals as he wants South Africans to share the mineral wealth.

This week following his announcement that he wants to contest the elections, Liebenberg said he supports Zuma and since learning of Zuma’s struggles in the media, he went to Nkandla to see for himself the conditions under which Zuma was living.

Over the years, he said he has donated no less than R10 million towards the upkeep of his homestead and his legal fees after more than 22 years in legal battles.

“Going to Nkandla changed my life in 2022. When I flew into Nkandla with no plan and no relationship with the ANC and I still don’t have a relationship with them. I arrived to see a caring man who interacted with everyone with respect and was taking notes wanting to know everyone he was interacting with. I had never seen such care in my life. When I spoke to him he told me that he owes R28 million in legal fees and has been in and out of courts for 22 years. He said to me all he wants is an objective media like the ANN7 and the Gupta newspaper,” he said.

He added that the narrative that Zuma committed state capture was a lie and for someone who is struggling to maintain his homestead, this surprised him as he saw for himself some of the struggles Zuma was facing.

“I read ‘Zuma Exposed’ in a different light after that. I had a different view because I saw for myself that Nkandla had no water. Women were using a paraffin stove and the toilets were not working properly. I realised then that we have been lied to and that Zondo was hired by Ramaphosa in order to ensure that his cronies are protected. These are the same people who have stolen pension funds who must be removed,” he said.

When it comes to campaigning for himself and endorsing other parties, Liebenberg revealed that he supports all the radical parties even though he differs with the EFF on some principles.

He said his candidacy stands for the unity and reconciliation between black and whites and embraces the Khoisan, miners and every South African, adding that the country’s minerals should be shared among everyone through artisanal mining and other progressive policies.

“I fund any party and anyone who deserves my support. Like I said, even though I did not pay the R28 million that Zuma owes in legal fees, I do not count how much I give because I do not count. Normally, for every R10 I have given out R9... I am in the same vein with the EFF on radical economic transformation and other policies but we must close our borders. I differ a bit with Julius but I am friends with Carl Niehaus because he was treated badly by the ANC,” he added.

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