‘Uthando neS’thembu’ promises a thrilling season exploring the dynamics of polygamy

Published Jan 17, 2024


The well-known reality show “Uthando neS’thembu” returns on January 25 for its seventh season, promising a great blend of family, culture, and the individual journeys of the wives, each following their own unique path.

Family gatherings, which are essential to the Mseleku family’s decision-making process, are the lifeblood of the series as the Mselekus carry on sharing their story of struggles and victories.

Viewers of Mzansi Magic will see Musa’s pursuit of a legacy and his future planning for his children.

Will Musa choose peace when he longs for what he is denied? MaYeni concentrates on her own recovery, her kids, and maintaining her connection with Musa, while MaCele, in need of personal peace and balance, withdraws from her matriarchal responsibilities.

MaKhumalo begins her path of self-improvement and business ventures, striving to mend ties with her sister wives in hopes of healing their relationships. MaNgwabe, steadfast in her beliefs, dedicates herself to her children’s upbringing.

This season also sees Mseleku’s wives wrangle their children and try to lead them on the right path based on their own individualistic personal beliefs. MaCele is at odds with her husband over how he chooses to raise and lead his sons and is trying to free them from his “clutches”.

MaYeni is left shaken by Mpumelelo’s decisions and way of life.

MaKhumalo is trying her best to help Mpilo become an independent young woman.

MaNgwabe is pleasantly surprised by her daughter’s initiative to join and start a journey of purity, and MaKhumalo lends a helping hand.

Mseleku helps Mpumelelo and Lwandle with their spiritual calling. Mseleku wants Sne to do better.

Sne, known for being troublesome, is tired of being the perceived black sheep of the family and is trying to head in a positive direction.