Vusi Nova ready to tell his story in new reality show

Vusi Nova. Picture: File

Vusi Nova. Picture: File

Published Feb 21, 2024


Popular music artist Vusi Nova is prepared to give his fans an intimate look at his life on a brand-new reality show that will chronicle his path of overcoming obstacles in life with the passion of his concerts.

The reality series will premiere on March 2 on SABC1, Saturdays at 8pm.

The show, according to the broadcaster, will chronicle his astounding journey from an accelerated life of stardom to unexpectedly becoming a grandfather.

It will also follow him on his business ventures and on a life-changing spiritual journey where failure is not an option and every setback is a stepping stone to extraordinary success.

He took to Instagram to share thrilling news a few days ahead of its premiere.

“Witness my story beyond the backlash and hashtags. Catch ‘Vusi Nova Unprovoked’ on March 2nd at 20:00,’’ he shared on social media.

The broadcaster also gives a glimpse of episodes to the most interesting subjects about the artist.

Episode 1 – March 2

Vusi grapples with the shock of becoming a grandfather while preparing for a gig and dealing with the loss of his dog. A surprise visit from Dezz with news of his child and a candid conversation with friend Somizi set the tone for Vusi’s multifaceted life.

Episode 2 – March 9

Vusi explores acting, revealing his vulnerability during an audition. Personal reflections surface during a nail session, and a team-building meeting exposes internal group tensions. Discussions with Somizi about spirituality hint at deep personal journeys, intertwining fame with introspection and friendship.

Episode 3 – March 16

Vusi delves into the alcohol business, meeting suppliers and blending unique flavours. Family ties explored through candid conversations with Dezz about fatherhood and a dog funeral reflect Vusi’s compassionate side. Consultations with a sangoma mark a spiritual turn, deepening his connection with ancestral roots.

Episode 4 – March 23

Emotions run high at an all-white party, where Vusi performs and confronts past heartbreaks. Shopping in Sandton City highlights his fashion sense. Intimate discussions with Sulezi about his spiritual journey and therapy considerations reveal his inner struggles and resilience.

Episode 5 – March 30

Tensions and emotional complexities surface as Vusi deals with the dynamics of grandfatherhood, navigates his role in the family, and prepares for a ceremony. Candid conversations about relationships, combined with therapy, reveal layers of Vusi’s personality, balancing his public image with his private vulnerabilities.