Picture: Timothy Bernard/Africa News Agency(ANA)
Johannesburg - “You will have other children. There is no  use keeping him alive.” These are the words  a doctor uttered to Lucinda Roro Wright,  a mother whose first-born child had just  suffered his second cardiac arrest at just  two months. 

On the front cover of her little  son’s hospital file was written “Do not  resuscitate”.

Doctors had given up on Wayden Roro, who  was diagnosed with severe cerebral palsy  and spent the first six weeks of his life in a  hospital’s intensive care unit. His mother  spent the same amount of time processing  how she would deal with a baby with a  condition she struggled to pronounce.

Wayden contracted various diseases over  the years that followed, but his mother, with  the support of their family, stood by him.

Next week, on April 2, Wayden will turn 18. 

Watch as his mother shares her story:

Video: Timothy Bernard/African News Agency(ANA)
African News Agency (ANA)

* If you would like to help Wayden Roro, please contact  [email protected].