Residents of Westbury show the rubber bullets that were used to disperse them. Picture: Nokuthula Mbatha/ANA

As the lockdown of Westbury continues, residents have expressed anger about protesters allegedly shot by police.

A group gathered outside the Sophiatown police station to demand answers about why police fired rubber bullets.

Police opened fire on Monday morning in a bid to control the protest that started on Friday. It raged again Monday morning.

Westbury residents have accused police of failing to uproot crime in the community.

They say gangsterism has spiralled out of control due to failure by police to do their job.

A group of officers who manned the Sophiatown station’s gate felt the wrath of residents.

Residents of Westbury continued their protest against crime in the area. Picture: Nokuthula Mbatha/ANA

Two residents with wounds were walked into the police station, on request of police.

“What gives them the right to shoot a woman from behind?” an angry resident shouted.

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“Your duty is to protect and serve. You have lost your mandate to be policemen.”

“God knows you. See what will happen to you. I do not curse you, but see what will happen to you?" said an angry resident.

“God has an appointment with each and everyone of you, mark my words. You don't know God.

Angry Westbury residents say they refuse to stop the protest until the police in the area do their job and fight crime. Picture: Nokuthula Mbatha/ANA

“My father worked here for 30 years. Why are you sitting here and doing nothing?

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“During my father's days, police didn't do nothing. They went to the community and these things didn't happen.”

A police van that was approaching the station was forced to make a U-turn after protesters charged towards it.