What your favourite creatives had to say about their Hey Neighbour experience

What your favourite creatives had to say about their Hey Neighbour experience. Picture: Supplied

What your favourite creatives had to say about their Hey Neighbour experience. Picture: Supplied

Published Dec 13, 2023


Hey Neighbour is a lifestyle event that is renowned for uniting people from different backgrounds - and this year was no exception, with hundreds of creatives and festival attendees uniting to enjoy a three-day jam-packed weekend showcasing the love of music.

“The Star” was invited to participate in all the behind-the-scenes, speaking with notable people to capture all the stellar performances.

Heineken, one of the festival’s partners, welcomed several of its brand partners who shared their excitement about being a part of Hey Neighbour and their experiences working with well-known creatives.

Baby S.O.N

One of the well-known partners includes Baby S.O.N who is known for his smash tune “Dalie”, which he co-wrote with Kamo Mphela, Tyler ICU, and Khalil Harris.

“My involvement with Hey Neighbour is basically to celebrate with Heineken the 150 years and to give people good music and to spread the culture and good vibes. I just want people to be happy. It’s like the main goal of this affair. Just to bring people together from different places.”

The musician, who has only been in the business for two years, is getting close to 18 plaques, which he describes as one of the highlights of his career.

On his future intentions, he says that he is prepared to take his music outside South Africa.

Uncle Partytime, who also graced the stage, said being part of the festival was exciting and he expressed gratitude for getting the opportunity to showcase his love for music.

Uncle Partytime

“It means a lot because a lot of Uncle Partytime events were either festivals or international act-based events. And I am pretty excited, I think it's cool that I got this opportunity to be here, especially after doing Rocking The Daises,” he said.

Asked what he wants people to take from his music, he said: “I want people to take whatever they need for themselves based on what they see I do. Or if they have the privilege or opportunity to speak to me and have a conversation I want them to use it because the biggest part of Uncle Partytime’s career and how I started moving was hanging out with all the guys who gave me access and I was able to take those things and build for myself.”

Motheo Mosoane, assistant brand manager at Heineken Beverages, spoke fondly about the partners detailing that they work with them as a gateway to be in touch with the brand’s consumers.

“As Heineken, we have been in existence for 150 years in consumers’ lives. And within those consumers' lives the big thing that we bring to consumers is the good times.

“As we speak about the good times you think about all the great occasions and celebratory moments that you have with your family, your friends.

“And Heineken finds itself at the centre of those spaces. It’s been quite a long journey to do that and being part of Hey Neighbour which also celebrates bringing neighbours together, and diversity, we saw it fitting to do that.”