Young SAHETI learner optimistic about his future

Mika Bouwer. Picture: Supplied

Mika Bouwer. Picture: Supplied

Published Jan 18, 2024


In its entirety, the matric journey was effortless – there was not much out of the ordinary, said SAHETI 2023 matriculant Mika Bouwer.

Bouwer said that even though there were no hurdles on his matric journey, he admitted that it came with a lot of work.

He says he has mixed feelings, knowing that he will be leaving his favourite school and becoming a university student. Bouwer continues to say the 2023 school year was a mix of good and bad experiences, but overall there were more highs than lows.

Bouwer’s dedication has placed him among top achievers after achieving an average of 89% and a full house of eight distinctions in Afrikaans, English, Information Technology, Life Orientation, Life Sciences, Mathematics, Physical Sciences and Further Studies Mathematics (extended).

“I can’t think of any particularly noteworthy lows, mainly just not doing as well in tests as I’d hoped I would,” he added.

Bouwer told the publication that he mostly enjoyed being at the school's premises as he got to mingle with his classmates and friends.

He described his school’s ability to organise events for matriculants as one of his best moments.

“As for highs, I enjoyed the events the school organised for our matric group, and I did much better in my AP mathematics finals than I thought I would, though I’m not sure if that would count as part of my matric year,” the SAHETI learner explains.

Bouwer says that it wasn’t all rosy times, though, as they had to face the most complicated preliminary examinations.

“The preliminary exams were quite difficult, harder than finals for most subjects, though I don't remember them all too well now,” he said.

On his plans, Bouwer says he hasn’t quite decided what direction he intends to take, adding that he was leaning towards the engineering side or being a developer.

“I’m hoping to study either software development or electrical engineering, though at the moment I haven't quite decided,” he added.

Bouwer continued to say he was looking forward to the release of the final examination results, which will determine the university he will attend this year.

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