STRAIGHTFORWARD: Zakes Bantwini is promoting his single, Choose the Best of Love. Picture: Supplied
When people do not have soundtracks for the beautiful memories of their moments, that means artists aren’t providing them with the music they truly need.

“Every song they want to play to celebrate anything should be available to them. If the music available doesn’t highlight a moment of laughter or love, it doesn’t have space in the world we live in and I don’t want to be mentioned among those who did nothing about it,” said muso Zakhele Madida, aka Zakes Bantwini.

The Clap Your Hands hitmaker has dedicated his entire album to love. “I don’t want to be part of artists that perpetuate hate and irresponsibility.”

Madida said his album - Love, Light, Music 2 - wasn’t just about affectionate love.

“It’s about love of music, love of the world and love of the people. I’m unpacking everything that has to do with love.”

The producer said being born in the 1980s allowed him to truly enjoy the music of the 1990s that focused on love. “I grew up on that and I think we lack a lot of that now. There are a lot of songs about Champagne and booty.”

His single Choose the Best of Love is a contribution to the memory banks he wants people to make with the song.

“I think that’s the only thing that could bring about peace in the world. Music that is filled with happiness and laughter and enjoyment. That’s the reason why I did this.”

But all things love doesn’t necessarily mean that Madida will be doing something for his wife, Nandi, come Valentine’s Day. “I really do not celebrate Valentine’s Day. It’s not that I hate it, I like the concept. Every day should be Valentine’s Day. Maybe if it fell on a Saturday and I wasn’t booked I would plan something, but I do (romantic) things for my wife all the time. As long as I plan to do it, it will happen regardless of the day.”

Madida shares a son with Nandi and said the experience had truly made him see the value of being a present father.

“I love being a dad. I have a blended family. Shaka is my last born and the child born in wedlock. My other kids were not. Shaka has given me the opportunity to really play a father’s role. From his birth to right now, seeing every step, sleeping next to him and changing his nappies.

“I robbed not only myself, but my other children of being able to wake up every morning and see their dad. I enjoy fatherhood and now I am great at it.”

Madida’s single was released earlier this month and features Refi on vocals. The 007 themed music video adds to the creativity Madida is known for.

This weekend, he will be a headline act at the Sauti za Busara Festival in Tanzania.

“I’m really excited to be headlining at that event. It tells you that in South Africa, we have the calibre to be such acts that can perform as main headliners where over 400 artists are performing for a three-day festival. It tells you how far we are as the arts in South Africa, even without help from the government.”