Superstar Ace”. Picture: Supplied
Superstar Ace”. Picture: Supplied

Nigerian superstar Austin has an Ace up his music

By NOKUTHULA ZWANE Time of article published Apr 17, 2018

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Pan African fusion producer and recording artist Justin “Superstar Ace” Austin has a new music video, Wassa Wassa, that is set to get people in the mood to dance.

Branching off as a recording artist has been no easy road for the 29- year-old.

Born and bred in Kwara State, Nigeria, he used his experiences to produce unique music that young people could relate to.

Superstar Ace said he exclusively produced fusion music, mixing hip hop, Afrobeats and pop for the likes of Nigerian Davido, South Africa’s Anatii and Kenyan singer Victoria Kimani.

He said this was about making music that Africans could relate to by incorporating instrumental sounds and vocals.

He currently lives both in Johannesburg and in Lagos, Nigeria.

As a self-taught music producer, Austin has been making sounds for roughly four years and has plans to make great “turn-up” music.

“Between 2009-2016, I wasn’t really putting out music, but I took my time to try and develop myself and go through an artist development phase,” he said.

He added that he was in a phase to understand and create a unique sound as an artist. “I was concentrating more on making music than I was on releasing it.

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“I always want people to have a good time listening to my music and try to make music that lift people’s spirits. I want it to make you happy. I try to think about what people can relate to,” Austin said, adding that the name “Superstar Ace” was inspired by his belief that he was a superstar and an ace.

“I have always thought of myself as an ace. The Superstar Ace name came about when I had to get a social media handle, and I had to choose something unique. Somehow that kind of stuck,” he laughed.

Borders don’t confine Superstar Ace, the producer and now recording artist, and he has had the opportunity to perform in England.

“I did enjoy that because they are quite responsive to the music and they come out to support upcoming artists. Performing in and touring England would be my major highlight.”

His latest Wassa Wassa music video, directed by Kyle Lewis, is expected to be released in the next two weeks.

Wassa Wassa mean “naughty”, and Superstar Ace vows to take the African music industry to new heights with his latest Afrofuturism (African and Future) look and feel.

The fun and sexy entertainer is a total enigma who blows people away with his style, music and everything that he does.

“The African continent is speaking a different language in the music scene. There are more interconnections that are rising, thanks to social media breaking boundaries across the continent and taking music closer to the people,” Superstar Ace said.


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