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Thursday, May 19, 2022

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LETTER: Find a peaceful way to end this aggression

Published Mar 2, 2022


As someone who has witnessed first-hand the effects of war in Syria and the brutal occupation of Palestine by the Israeli colonialist, we must come together as human beings and demand a diplomatic solution to the crisis in Ukraine.

Despite the double standards, lies and hypocrisy of the US, EU, UK, United Nations Security Council and Nato axis, Russia’s military invasion of Ukraine must be denounced and condemned.

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The USA and its allies have been violating international law and charters for many decades with no objections from the international community.

What the Russians are currently perpetrating in Ukraine, for many decades, the USA has been committing far worse crimes against humanity with its military adventures around the globe. In the name of “war on terror”, “regime change”, and “bringing democratic principles”, many sovereign countries were invaded, and governments toppled.

Vietnam, Chile, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, just to name a few, fell under illegal invasions and coups, with America, Australia, France and Britain leading the pack of Western countries.

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May I ask, is peace and security only for European people and people who allow themselves to be controlled by the West? Hypocrisy is the devil that needs to be addressed.

The international community must condemn Russia for its violations of Ukrainian sovereignty, mobilise against imperialist and resource wars, and find a peaceful way to end this aggression.

MOHAMED SAEED Pietermaritzburg

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