The dismal handling of the Patricia de Lille debacle has harmed the DA, the writer says.

The events in the City of Cape Town regarding the Patricia de Lille matter have clearly shown us the DA is failing to deal with its internal matters and this has affected the party negatively. 

They have lost the Nelson Mandela Metro Municipality and there are no guarantees now they will survive where they are in charge now.

In Cape Town, they have also just lost five more councillors, one of whom was a chief whip of the DA. Chances are there might be more to follow. Where the DA is running municipalities through coalitions, there are also no guarantees that they will survive the next five years.

The fact of the matter here is that these people are not ready to govern because they can’t even resolve internal matters in the best interests of the organisation. Whatever decision they take always leads to disaster.

Now the DA has another job to do and that is to lobby the communities of the five councillors who resigned, as these former DA members have vowed to campaign against the party in their respective wards. The wind of change is coming to Cape Town metro.