Andile Mngxitama during the land expropriation debate in Parliament. Ayanda Ndamane African News Agency (ANA)
It would appear that South Africa is in danger of sliding towards a race war.

Quite rightly, a number of white individuals have been prosecuted, and even jailed, for the use of the k-word.

But just as with the cockroaches, which presaged the Hutu on Tutsi genocide in Rwanda, black militants and extremists are able to use the vilest racial threats and language, with little danger of any form of legal retribution.

Julius Malema, EFF leader, boasts the he has not called for the slaughter of whites, at least not yet! He has yet to explain himself in court.

Black First Land First leader (BLF) Andile Mngxitama then calls for the murder of five white people - men, women and children, and their family pets - for the killing of every black.

This apparently because he has a personal fixation with one white person in particular. Not surprisingly, he too has yet to be attested and charged.

In terms of inter-racial crime, whites are seen as easy victims of violence, whether it be robbery, rape or murder. Black-on-black violence at this level is astronomical, black-on-white violence is also unacceptably high.

However, white-on-black robbery, rape and murder is a minor part of the whole. Disgusting racial slurs? Sadly, Yes. Actual rape and murder? No.

Now for the scary part, shortly after being appointed, Minister of Police Bheki Cele announces that private ownership of firearms for self-defence is to be made illegal, and all firearms must be returned to the police.

This is supposed to reduce violent crime. We all know that corrupt individuals in the police force and the military are the largest source of weapons for criminals. Where else do the cash-in-transit robbers get their assault rifles?

However, you can’t have a decent race war without first “othering’’ the potential victims. Ramaphosa assisted this process, whether deliberately or not, when he openly accused whites of being “lackadaisical” about the task of nation building. Translation, ‘’Whatever is going wrong in the country, is actually the fault of the whites”. Thank you Mr President.

I, as a law-abiding, tax-paying individual, contribute about 65% of my earnings, in one form of tax or another, for the upliftment of the country. What doesn’t get stolen or wasted by corrupt ANC cadres, pays for the president’s lavish lifestyle, including his bodyguards.

At least he will be safe, when the genocide starts.