EFF’s Julius Malema in Parliament during the SONA debate.     Phando Jikelo  African News Agency (ANA)
EFF’s Julius Malema in Parliament during the SONA debate. Phando Jikelo African News Agency (ANA)

#Letters: Malema’s ‘love’ of Indians should not be trusted

By Robin Naidoo Time of article published Mar 7, 2019

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An open letter to Julius Malema:

Commander in Chief of the red overall Teletubbies, genius woodworker, firebrand fascist, whisky drinking, Breitling wearing, Parliament brawling, Sandton living and dictator in waiting - your dream of ruling over us one day is a nightmare to all. So you now want to woo us Indian voters, why a sudden change?

Did you fall in love with our bunny chow, our lovely ladies, our Indian Ocean, or are you looking for an Indian sugar daddy like former president Zuma? Whatever happened to Magdalene Moonsamy? Will you make us speechless and to disappear like her?

When we see you we see red! Indians were, and are still an oppressed minority, like other minority fellow South Africans, we are subject to lies and ridicule. We like black people, we just don’t like you, Floyd, Dali and your EFF. We don’t need your verbal hatred.

You cannot judge the majority of us Indians as racist (as we mostly live in Durban). When and why did we oppress you? Over 85% of us Indians are Hindu or Christians and not into business. All of us were born here, in SA. We therefore cannot “go back to India”. Your misled EFF needs a real education and true history lessons badly.

You remind us of a young Verwoerd or Hitler. We believe you are still a youth by ANC definition and age, and we hope you grow up soon. We hope that you will kill for all South Africans and embrace all of us, irrespective of the colour of our skin and language.

Your banner on our Mt.Edgecombe bridge says “Julius Malema son of the soil”. I am compelled to graffiti these words below: “and won’t be missed if he goes back to cabbage farming soon”.

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