Public Protector Busisiwe Mkhwebane. Picture: Jacques Naude African News Agency (ANA)
The public protector claims President Cyril Ramaphosa lied under oath, but she was found to be lying by the highest courts.

What action is going to be taken against her? She is playing victim, accusing the courts of being unfair towards her. Why don’t we ask all political parties and politicians to declare who funded their campaigns. Why is the president being singled out. Imagine if Malema was investigated, what would we find?

Many donors do not want to be identified because they fear being compromised or victimised. At least that has been the rationale for keeping funders of political parties a secret.

Does the protector have video evidence that the president knew who his funders were? She is working on speculation and conjecture. A funder can promise him money, but if he did not look at the balance sheet, how would he know who contributed to his campaign?

If the courts couldn’t prove that US president Bill Clinton had sex with Monica Lewinsky, I wonder how our courts are going to prove whether the president knew who his funders were.

The protector is making this a major issue to side track attention from her numerous botch ups.

She has failed, on several occasions, to give the individuals she has investigated, the reports she used to base her recommendations. This is a gross violation of her duties and the rights of the individuals being investigated.

There is ample evidence for her to be struck off the role.

The protector knows this, so she is trying to adopt Zuma’s scorched earth policy: if she goes down, she will take the country down with her.

She is not dealing with corruption as she should, but seems to be embroiled in factional battles of the ANC. Our country is in dire straits. We have bigger issues to deal with. The EFF is on her side because they are very close to being investigated for the VBS scandal.

Let’s not fall for her trap by believing she is the Mother Teresa she is making herself to be.

Our rand is at an all time low, so our debt repayments will go up.

We should call for the protector’s removal like we did with Zuma if she doesn’t fall on her own sword.