PUBLIC Enterprises Minister Pravin Gordhan and Public Protector Busisiwe Mkhwebane. She’s castigated for being critical of Gordhan even though she has adverse findings against him, says the writer. African News Agency (ANA)
The unprecedented judgment of the Constitutional Court with regard to the punitive costs granted against Public Protector Busisiwe Mkhwebane will emasculate the office and polarise our society.

If we’re to conduct a referendum, the minority judgment of the apex court would be unanimously upheld to prove that Mkhwebane didn’t lie, but was unsupported to the point of being prone to err.

In fact, she’s castigated for being critical of Public Enterprises Minister Pravin Gordhan serving in the cabinet even though she has adverse findings against him.

Even so, the credibility issues continue to linger:

Why Gordhan lied about meeting the Gupta family.

Why Gordhan denied the existence of a so-called rogue unit within the South African Revenue Service.

Why Gordhan sanctioned Sars officials to conduct intelligence-gathering activities without the knowledge of the president and state security agency minister.

Why Gordhan withheld docu- mented proof of the procurement of intelligence equipment and in that way, making access to information impractical.

Why Gordhan approved the early retirement of an official without matric only to be rehired on a contractual basis before advertising the post.

The last point on credibility gives the impression that none of the professionals within Sars, or even external candidates, qualified for the position. That’s implausible, relegating Gordhan to be unethical, politically captured and beholden to cronies.

The journalist who broke the story is pressing ahead with a labyrinth of allegations relating to the unit. Gordhan should’ve saved taxpayers’ money and presented himself to the protector in the same way President Cyril Ramaphosa had done.

The primary cause of his failure to co-operate is his appetite for litigation, as if it will mask the unethical issues.

He tarnished his own credibility by spewing chauvinistic insults against Mkhwebane. President Ramaphosa might be betting on the wrong horse for all the wrong reasons.