The Guptas Saxonwold compound.
The Guptas were probably secretly recording their meetings with government officials. That’s why those meetings were conducted at their own premises and in their comfort zone.

That futile exercise was some sort of insurance (surety), and another fact is that they also owned media houses, television and print media companies. That very same evidence could also have been used as blackmail and extortion material. Those secret recordings could have been done using both audio and visual equipment.

Other devices that could have been used to record their conversations during meetings with the Guptas could have been their cellphones.

Cellphones can also be turned into transmitters, whereby they can relay (transmit) private and confidential conversations (dialogues).

A lot of these “ou toppies” are not clued up with all these latest types of advanced technologies and sophisticated surveillance gadgets.

Electronic equipment that could have been used include television sets, wall clocks and microchip bugs planted inside portable accessories like pens, glasses, cigarette lighters, packs of cigarettes, car keys, and watches.

The saying “I wish I could have been a fly on the wall in that particular meeting” applies here.

We shouldn’t forget about other illegal techniques such as eavesdropping (wiretapping), remote access tools, spying hardware and software equipment, intelligent tactical interception units (systems) and others.

All those government officials and executives who went to see and meet the Guptas - such as Nhlanhla Nene - can’t deny the fact that they went to the family's compound. Saxonwold was a poisoned chalice.