President Cyril Ramaphosa has a tough job ahead of him, says the writer. 
 Siyasanga Mbambani
I really sympathise with President Cyril Ramaphosa about the position he finds himself in.

In the ANC he finds himself surrounded by hostile factions still suffering from the December ANC conference hangover. They still believe they turn back the hands of time.

They are busy plotting against Ramaphosa and his supporters, hence the celebrations about Minister Nene’s shenanigans, and they still believe more of his (the president’s) staunch supporters will fall on their swords.

ANC factions are working against each other instead of campaigning for victory in the 2019 elections.

In the ANC, Ramaphosa can’t choose who to lead with since leadership outcomes are determined by delegates. So he is hamstrung and must learn to navigate through them. Hence decisions are hard to come by.

In the government, he inherited compromised ministers and members of Parliament who shook hands with the Guptas. Besides the known corrupters it looks like under the former president’s terms it was everyone for himself/herself because the head was compromised. They are used to negotiating deals for their siblings and for themselves. With the Zondo Commission accepting hard drives as evidence about Guptas leaks, I am sure many are shivering and know that it’s a matter of time before they are exposed to the public.

Ramaphosa is a president who is at a crossroads and needs all our sympathy.

He must now start to vet anyone he wants to deploy to avoid embarrassment because it looks like all of us are contaminated and have our share of darkness in our past.