Picture: Polyandry by Gan Khoon Lay from the Noun Project (Creative Commons Licence)
Picture: Polyandry by Gan Khoon Lay from the Noun Project (Creative Commons Licence)

Polyandry will cause hostility between black men and black women and cause instability in black communities

By Letter to the Editor Time of article published May 20, 2021

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By Khotso Moleko

Unfortunately, this polyandry nonsense has cropped up around the time of Mother’s Day. A time when we are supposed to honour our mothers is becoming associated with adversity.

What becomes clear is that the proponents of this constitutionally valid practice are pushing a man vs woman agenda, perhaps under the auspices of feminism and equality.

Fair enough, but it is unavoidable that the polyandry talk will lead to more hostility between black men and black women, to cause more instability in black communities – while other races remain united and progressive. I am particularly excited by the fact that the polyandry talk has turned even some of the staunchest supporters of “free-for-all” against the Constitution.

No need for referendums, the judges and politicians – guided by their “God”, the Constitution – know best.

Only a baby or a mentally challenged person can dispute the possibility of humans and animals getting married at home affairs, and the church and pastors being legally bound to bless the union(s).

The social scientists, with the assistance of “enlightened” pastors and priests, as well as politicians, judges and the honest media, continue to impose their immoral laws on everyone.

Still, all the rights-obsessed ones need to realise that the Constitution is a human document and it’s within the power of the citizens to amend it and make it the way they want it to serve them.

But concerning polyandry, it is not going to lead to any women power or satisfaction. Polyandry will convince all those Christian men – who had been secretly longing for more than one woman – to have a great and legal excuse to be polygamists.

Again, polyandry is limited by the fact that there are more women than men. Since many men are dying, in prison or opting to be women or like women, where will a woman find an obedient husband?

Finally, men will easily gang up against a woman, especially when they become convinced that equality is a threat to their masculinity, in the same way that dogs overwhelm a bitch so that an observer feels sorry for it.

We will pray to the Lord and the Lord will see us through, but the excitement of freedom may not be sustainable if it continues to offend the majority.

The Star

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