Israel must be treated like a lunatic serial killer

Pamela Ngubane

Pamela Ngubane

Published Mar 7, 2024


Pamela Ngubane

With the global spotlight on the Biden administration’s shameless and duplicitous role in unconditionally backing Israel’s genocide in Gaza, it is apparent that Americans have slept through the takeover of their government by Zionist Jews.

This is neither an exaggeration nor conspiracy theory, as the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (Aipac) boasts that 98% of its preferred candidates are elected to office.

The takeover explains why at the International Court of Justice (ICJ), the American representative spoke in defence of Israel’s interest in maintaining its apartheid oppression over the daily lives of the Palestinians.

He didn’t speak to make America a respectable nation that upholds human rights. He did nothing but further alienate America and Americans from the rest of the international community.

Why did he sacrifice his country’s (if indeed it is his country, because he may be, like many in the positions of power in the US, a dual American and Israeli citizen, and we all know that the Zionists are only loyal to Israel) moral standing, in defence of a genocide?

“Because Israel is based on the principle of Jewish supremacy and Jewish exceptionalism.”

As far as Israel’s ruling political and cultural elites, past and present are concerned, Jewish citizens have the right to everything that belongs to “others” – notably Palestinian Muslims and Christians.

Conversely, the “others” do not have any rights to recover the stolen loot comprising homes farmlands and olive trees.

Outrageous indeed!

This surely is what they’ve learnt from the rabbis who twist the Holy Scriptures, to suit the colonial and genocidal ambitions of their kinsfolk.

As far as they are concerned, the only good non-Jew is a dead non-Jew, or a non-Jew that is enslaved by them. This may sound like a harsh indictment of Rabbinical Zionist Judaism, and it is meant to be, because the world has been dealing with the sociopaths as if they are normal human beings. It’s time to start dealing with them like the mentally ill people that they are.

Israel’s National Security Minister Itamar Ben Gvir has been dishing out gun licenses and semi-automatic rifles to extremist Jewish settlers. What happens when this militia-in-the-making is given the order to turn the guns on the Palestinians, the same way they did from 1947 to 1949, when Jewish militias like Irgun, Haganah and the Stern Gang, under orders from David Ben Gurion himself, terrorised the Palestinian people into leaving their ancestral homes?

Is the world going to do what it did in Rwanda, and leave the Palestinians to be slaughtered, and then build monuments and make movies about the dead and the eternally traumatised survivors?

May a curse fall upon all those who have the ability to stop the genocide but choose not to.

How many times has the Palestinian Authority, its representatives at the UN and UN Special Rapporteurs pleaded for a protection force for Palestinians from Israel’s wanton cruelty and aggression?

Why has it been so difficult to provide this? How has the aggression, which the ICJ recognises as plausibly definable as a genocide, not shown the urgency of the necessity?

Israel is a lunatic state, as Norman Finklestein said, and like a serial killer, it lives only to plot another murder.

How are we not seeing this?

Pamela Ngubane is a former Christian Zionist.

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