Hot Honor 90 5G and 90 5G Lite are now available in SA

Published Sep 1, 2023


Johannesburg - Following their unveiling last week, the highly anticipated Honor 90 5G and Honor 90 5G Lite are now available in South Africa, according to the top tech brand Honour.

The Honor N Series smartphone introduces cutting-edge technology and features that completely alter the smartphone experience for customers.

Both the Honour 90 5G and the Honour 90 Lite 5G are available in Cyan Lake and Titanium Silver, and both are designed with fashion-conscious users in mind. The Honour 90 5G is offered in two colour options: diamond silver and midnight black.

An impressive camera that significantly enhances your photography skills

With the Honor 90 5G and its outstanding selection of cutting-edge capabilities, users will enjoy photography like never before. With a 1/1.4-inch sensor, the ground-breaking 200MP main camera at the heart of this extraordinary smartphone effortlessly captures inspirational moments with unmatched clarity. A 12MP ultra-wide and macro camera that offers customers a panoramic 112° field of view, and in addition to this allows them to record intricate close-ups and broad vistas with astounding accuracy.

Furthermore, its cutting-edge 2MP depth camera produces dazzling depth-of-field effects that give your photos a creative edge. The Honour 90 also sports a remarkable 50MP front camera that was created specifically to take beautiful selfies.

Users can take high-definition pictures with exceptional clarity and unmatched brilliance because of the device’s amazing low-light capabilities. Users can take advantage of the unrivalled Night Mode, where the big sensor shines and makes it simple to take crisp, transparent night photos.

With Honor 90’s improved Portrait Mode, users can capture crystal-clear portraits in any lighting conditions. They can make use of the 1x zoom to include more of the background or explore the universe of the 2x zoom to produce portraits that focus more on the person. The enhanced bokeh effects perfectly combine with the background blur, creating an organic transition that gives your photos depth and charm.

Breakthrough features for an impressive user experience

The Honor 90 5G is the pinnacle of productivity and efficiency, enhancing your active lifestyle with flawless performance and extraordinary ease of use. It supports Google Mobile Services (GMS) and has the most recent Honour MagicOS 7.1, which is based on Android 13. This cutting-edge operating system offers a plethora of enhanced and customised features that usher users into a world of greater intelligence.

The Honor 90, which is powered by a potent Qualcomm Snapdragon 7 Gen Accelerated Edition 5G 4nm processor, offers outstanding performance and can easily handle even the most difficult and resource-intensive tasks.

With the Honor 90’s large 5000mAh battery, which is made to keep you going all day, you can maximise your productivity. The 66W Honour SuperCharge technology, which offers a quick charging experience, significantly increases this durability. Users may recharge their smartphone’s battery to an astonishing 45% in just 15 minutes. This rapid charging guarantees quick recharges, so you can enjoy uninterrupted use.

Enormous capacity for safeguarding your favourites

With an amazing capacity of 19GB (12GB RAM + 7GB RAM) and a roomy 512GB ROM, the Honor 90 5G ensures that you can easily store all of your material. Its unique Ram Turbo technology, which smoothly turns a portion of the ROM into RAM to produce an incredibly lag-free user experience, is what really makes it stand out. Embrace a world of seamless multitasking, intense gaming, and exciting entertainment as you bid compromise adieu.

Introducing the revolutionary 0-Risk Eye-Comfort Display that will keep your eyes protected

With the introduction of the Honr 90 Series, Honour unveiled the Honor 90’s ground-breaking dynamic light function, which offers a viewing experience that is unmatched and mimics natural lighting situations. The display on the Honor 90 intelligently changes its brightness to fit the ambient lighting in the room, whether you’re watching a movie in a darkened room or bathing in the sun. This provides the best possible visual comfort. This feature enables you to watch for longer periods of time without experiencing eye fatigue by lowering it by up to 18%.

However, the Honor 90’s dedication to eye health doesn’t stop there. The ground-breaking Circadian Night Display will help you get ready for a good night's sleep. The display changes magically as night falls, moving to warmer hues that do away with the high circadian stimulation hues that are known to interfere with sleep cycles. The Circadian Night Display encourages a 20% increase in melatonin levels by aiding the hormone’s natural release, which is necessary for restful sleep. With the Honor 90, you may get better, longer sleep that will leave you feeling rested and ready to work when you wake up.

Honor 90 raises the bar for eye comfort with its industry-leading pulse width modulation (PWM) dimming frequency of 3840Hz. This lessens flickering, a problem that some electronic displays frequently experience.

Transform your content creation with the AI Vlog Master

The Honor 90 includes an AI vlog assistant that assesses important details in real time and offers insightful advice in response to the needs of aspiring producers. The magic endures even after recording. Your video footage converts into a fascinating 15-second video clip with just one click on the “Instant Movie” option, making it ideal for posting on social media. Your masterpiece is prepared to be revealed to the world in just one instant.

Additionally, the AI sharpening technology brings life to every frame of your video, enhancing clarity and broadening the dynamic range. Scenes are clear and bright as a result.

With its cutting-edge AI capabilities, the Honor 90 simplifies the challenge of deciding on the best video mode by determining the ideal theme for the scene. Making decisions becomes simple, allowing you to concentrate on getting the ideal photo.

Pricing and Availability

The Honor 90 5G, which will be hard packaged with the Honor Watch 4 for free and costs R3 499, is now available for R14 999 for 19GB (12+7) RAM+512GB ROM.

The Honor 90 Lite 5G costs R7 999 and comes with 13GB (8+5) RAM+256GB ROM. The Honor Choice Earbuds X5 are also included in the hard bundle.

The Honor 90 5G and Honor 90 Lite 5G are currently available for purchase at MTN, Telkom, and Vodacom locations near you.

Additionally, Honor is providing customers with a one-time screen protection repair insurance policy within the first three months of purchase, good through November 30. Conditions apply.

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