Organisational Learning and Development: Who trains the Trainers?
Organisational Learning and Development: Who trains the Trainers?

Organisational Learning and Development: Who trains the Trainers?

By Brandstories Time of article published Sep 21, 2020

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Global leadership seems to have grasped this concept and are investing more in the learning and development of their people. This investment isn’t just the money allocated to the training budget: research shows that time set aside for learning and development has quadrupled in multinational companies.

Blended learning solutions have yielded a wide array of new learning approaches and tools, including online learning, social learning and a renewed focus on workplace (or on-the-job) learning.

Individual leaders and experts from across organisational functions are significantly increasing their investment of time, effort and expertise in learning and development interventions.

With all this investment in organisational learning and development, leaders from all occupational areas and functional fields need to step up their L&D game. Learning and development of people in the workplace requires a highly specialised and experienced skill set, which few L&D people even get to master during their career.

Who trains the trainers? Who provides the learning and development required to drive occupational learning to the ever-increasing role-players in learning and development?

For a country plagued by poor education systems yet insistent on driving occupational learning, there are remarkably few accredited, quality tertiary level programmes that upskill people in the field of L&D. Most skilled, senior L&D professionals have done their time in organisations, complementing their basic HR diplomas with some experiential learning.

Programmes are available that equip participants to facilitate, assess, moderate, and so forth but finding a programme that upskills professionals (whether leaders, technical experts or L&D practitioners) in the professional execution and management of organisational people development is a mission that not even clever Google algorithms can accomplish easily!

The Wits Plus Organisational Learning and Development short course can be completed online through Wits DigitalCampus or part-time through evening classes.

The course offers timeous outcomes for organisational L&D stakeholders:

  • The ability to analyse, plan, source and deliver quality L&D solutions in organisations.
  • The ability to connect and engage adult learners, strengthening commitment to learning and the overall learning relationship.
  • The ability to meet professional requirements for learning and development, improving the credibility of L&D and the overall involvement and collaboration of cross-functional leadership in driving a culture of learning.

Invest in your organisation’s most important asset – the return on investment will yield people who want to drive learning and people who want to learn.

About Wits Plus:

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