The offensive part of the slang “fong kong” is that all things fake are presumed to be made by the Chinese. Most Chinese people would find it offensive because it is not true.

Regrettably, the phrase has been used too often by our people without thinking about the consequence and insult such phrase brings to others.

Lasher Tools ran a whole series of radio adverts using the phrase “Fong Kong” (and so did other businesses) to sell their products.

I should also give City of Joburg ANC chief whip Prema Naidoo respect for his attempt in guarding the reputation and good name of the Chinese people. What I find most disturbing is that the Chinese are being used as a cat’s paw when it comes to politically motivated debates.

The sad result is that focus of the debate has been lost and turned into an issue of racism.

Who is the casualty of war here? The Chinese! But knowing our culture, we will just laugh it off Chinese-style.

The council and its councillors need to be sensitive when choosing their words, but should be even more focused on service delivery.

The residents will forget the “fong kong” fight, but the lack of service delivery will always be remembered.

Councillor Michael Sun