STOCKHOLM: Ever wonder what it would be like to sleep with a mean film director, a socialite or the guy who does voice-overs in movie trailers, or perhaps with one of your Facebook friends?

As part of a new safe-sex initiative, the Swedish Institute for Communicable Disease Control (SMI) has launched an app called Provligget, or Test Nooky, so you can do just that.

“The focus is on condom use,” said Karin Raagsjoe, who came up with the idea.

The app allows users to “test sex” with fantasy characters ranging from a personal trainer to a handyman, all portrayed by more or less famous Swedish actors.

Once users make their choice, they are asked if they want to use a condom, and then to record their own moaning, which is then mixed with the sexually elated voice of their character of choice.

The whole time, messages pop up to ask things like: “Did you know that people who suggest using a condom are seen as confident and considerate?” and “Did you know Swedes are among the worst in the world at using a condom?”

If none of the 11 characters tickle your fancy, you can also choose to send a request to one of your Facebook friends asking if they’re up for a test fling.

The app is a way to get people to visit the website, which gives condom-use tips and information on where to get tested for STDs.

– Sapa-AFP