Area next to the substation. It appears that the 'resident' has now left, but rubbish remains and it is full of weeds and seringa saplings. - Hi Anna - here are the photographs. Again, there was a team attending to the park on the other side of the spruit (Cottesmore Road borders that side) for the second time in just a few weeks, but no action on this side. What really gets me is that the plants are creeping onto the road (Waterloo Road) - the surface is already shocking (because Douglasdale Dairy vehicles go thundering down there) and getting worse by the day.

Short-changed homeowner writes: On January 10, the homeowners in our street placed our rubbish bins outside our gated community in Atholl, Sandton, for collection by Pikitup on Friday.

Since we left the bins on Thursday, vagrants plundered them and made a huge mess at the entrance to our street.

If Pikitup is to remove the garbage on Saturdays, why doesn’t it tell us? This has been happening for six months.

Pikitup replies: We are aware of the issues around refuse collections. We have communicated the temporary solutions. If a resident’s bin has not been collected on the scheduled day, leave it out as it will be collected on the day which follows.

Most garden sites fill up rapidly. To clear away the refuse, we need to shut down the over-capacitated garden site for a while.

The management team at Pikitup would like to apologise for the inconvenience caused. We are working on resuming normal refuse collections as soon as possible.