Plastic surgery said to be reason for Breivik’s Aryan perfection

By Time of article published Aug 1, 2011

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OSLO: The right-wing extremist who massacred 77 people during a twin terror attack in Norway had plastic surgery to make him look more Aryan, an intelligence official said.

Anders Breivik, 32, has the blond hair, blue eyes and strong features stereotypically associated with the group.

However, according to Janne Kristiansen, the head of Norway’s intelligence agency the PST, there is no way that Breivik’s look was natural.

“You do not have that Aryan look naturally in Norway,” she said.

“Hitler would have had him on posters. He has the perfect, classic Aryan face. “He must have had a facelift,” she added in an interview with The Sunday Times in the UK.

This information fits with the reminiscences of an old schoolfriend, who has recalled that Breivik boasted of having had plastic surgery a decade ago, a time when he had befriended “a group of people obsessed with their bodies”.

“He told me he had had his nose and chin operated on by a plastic surgeon in America,” the friend told the UK’s Sunday Telegraph.

The revelation comes at a time when the full extent of Breivik’s British connections is coming clear as it emerges that he sourced some bomb-making equipment from the UK.

An investigation into how Breivik acquired material to make the car bomb that killed eight people in Oslo has revealed that he used eBay to buy ingredients from around the world, including Britain.

Using the name “andersbrei”, Breivik bought sulphur from a supplier in London, while the “hazmat” suit he wore to mix chemicals was purchased from a Briton now living in the US.

Andrew Christou, who sold Breivik the sulphur, said that when he realised his unwitting involvement in the attack, “my shock and horror was multiplied tenfold”.

Breivik, who is believed to have considered targeting other high-profile sites in Norway such as a royal palace and the Labour Party headquarters, has made bizarre demands about his time in prison and in court.

He has requested not to be given halaal meat and, having been refused permission to wear a military uniform, he says he will only wear a red Lacoste jumper during his public appearances.

Breivik’s links with the far-right English Defence League (EDL) have also become clearer, as it emerged that he was a member of the Norwegian Defence League (NDL), an offshoot of the British group.

Lena Andreassen, a former leader of the NDL, confirmed that Breivik had been a member of the group, but said: “I kicked him out because he had extremist views.”

Meanwhile, a senior EDL member has come under attack for starting a debate on which “liberal twits” deserved to be executed.

Alan Lake, who claims to be the EDL’s “events director”, ran an article on his extremist website predicting that Britain would “start to fragment into Islamic enclaves”, according to The Observer in the UK.

Lake then encouraged his readers to suggest names of those who should be forced to live in those enclaves, “and who we will execute if they sneak out”. He nominated Prime Minister David Cameron, his deputy Nick Clegg and Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams, but later removed the post. – Daily Mail

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