Welcome Msomi. Picture: Supplied

Playwright Welcome Msomi appeared briefly in the Palm Ridge Magistrate's Court on Tuesday morning on charges of theft. 

Msomi was arrested last month after the Hawks’ Serious Commercial Crime Investigation followed a probe into R8-million that was allegedly stolen from the "Living Legends Trust" account last year. 

The programme was started by the Department of Arts and Culture in September, and a trust was set up in order to empower living legends when it comes to accessing opportunities available to them. 

Members of the Trust Abigail Kubeka and acting chair Letta Mbulu were present at the courtroom where Magistrate Philip Venter postponed the matter. 

State prosecutor Frans Mhlongo told the court he had been approached by people claiming to be members of Msomi's family. A verification process of these family members will be done ahead of the next court date.  

NPA Spokesperson Phindi Mjonondwane said Msomi's travel documents also needed to be collected as he was a potential flight risk. 

Outside court, Mbulu said while she was satisfied the justice system was working, she was worried about the older members of the Living Legends programme. 

"The older people in the organisation need help and medication and we aren't able to help them because of a simple situation Msomi has created and that bothers me." 

The matter was postponed to April 10.