A video shot of furious community members in Vanderbijlpark, where police made a drug raid on Tuesday.
Johannesburg - A police officer was hospitalised and five others were injured during a drug bust that turned violent in Vanderbijlpark on Tuesday.

According to police reports, the officers were given a tip-off about a possible drug den.

When the police squad arrived at the house in CW5 and nobody opened, they entered and discovered a dead man.

Police spokesperson Captain Kay Makhubele said the officers on duty removed the body from the house.

At this point, furious residents began attacking the police.

“There was a crowd of about 100 people, Nigerians and South Africans - community members - fighting and attacking the police.

“The police then had to shoot into the air to disperse the crowd because it was getting ugly. We still don’t know who killed the man,” he said.

A two-minute video making the rounds on social media showed the deceased lying in the yard and the furious crowd attacking the police officers while shouting: “Who kill this guy, who kill this guy?” several times.

The body of the man could be seen lying abandoned on the lawn while the cops were under siege.

Makhubele said they were still trying to determine the extent of the injuries of the hospitalised officer.

He confirmed that a case of murder and attempted murder had been opened and that investigations were under way.

Meanwhile, on the same day, a shooting between Nigerians and an undercover Ekurhuleni metro police officer during a drug raid in Kempton Park left one man injured.

According to The New Age newspaper, police claimed it was self-defence, while Nigerian nationals said the shooting was intentional and that police made them targets every time they conduct drug raids.

According to the newspaper, Nigerian Society spokesperson Anthony Chucks said he received a call from his people while in his office nearby.

“I am told that the victim was just standing when the police officer shot him. This is becoming a threat to the Nigerian society and it has happened so many times.

“We will leave no stone unturned to find out why there is harassment and intimidation of Nigerians,” Chucks said.

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