Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan recently made a profound statement in relation to the start of tax season.

“What we are trying to generate is the right kind of values in our society, values that say we must be honest about what we earn, values that say that we must declare honestly, values which say that we recognise that our taxes are going to contribute to the well-being of other South Africans who are not as well off as we are,” he said.

This is really great coming from any member of our government and makes one wonder whether they realise the corruption that exists within their own ranks.

So may things have been done by members of the government that make this a laughable situation.

Yes this is a lovely dream for SA, but it is such a pity that the government feels that it is only “trying to generate” such values.

The question must be asked: How can those in authority preach one thing and practise another?

Surely the leadership should come from the top?

Des Squire