Steve Lawrence writes: Potholes have not been fixed on Fred and Harry, as well as Cascades Streets in Little Falls since December. These are now a road hazard.

The JRA replies: These potholes have been repaired. The JRA remains committed to offering residents good quality service and also ensuring service delivery.

Members of the community are encouraged to report any road-related service defects or theft and vandalism to our call centre number on 0860JOBURG (562 874) or e-mail

Colin Dovey writes: Two weeks ago, I reported a blocked storm water drain outside our home to JRA, in Jan Street, Linmeyer, with no response. When it rains the rainwater runs as a deluge down our driveway, and fills up our garage.

Dovey writes again: Many thanks for your help over many months – the job has now been completed by JRA.