Your article “Alexandra residents urge protector probe” (The Star, June 27) has reference.

The article is well researched. The information on the widespread dissatisfaction with the Alexandra Renewal Project (ARP) confirms the DA’s research, which showed that only 7 percent of residents in old Alexandra are satisfied with the performance of the project. The failures are appalling.

We welcome the investigation by the public protector. The ARP has been the subject of persistent allegations of corruption.

It would be interesting if the protector evaluated the claimed achievements and determined whether the work has been carried out and whether it should have cost as much as R2.1 billion.

It is interesting that the council does not dispute the failures. Moreover, its spokesperson has admitted to “some” corruption.

The incidence of corruption is likely to be far greater than Gabu Tugwana would believe. Corruption will not stop until the government behaves in a transparent manner and decides to stamp out the scourge.

The money that was spent could have achieved far more.

The people of Alex desperately need jobs. Our survey also suggested that satisfaction levels would increase if the government just did the usual boring stuff, such as cleaning the streets and ensuring a proper electricity and water supply. This is the work that our taxes pay for.

Mike Moriarty


Constituency head