John Baillie writes: In mid-July, after pressure from the newly elected councillor, the Johannesburg Roads Agency (JRA) started to install a subsoil drain over a section of Cumberland Avenue, Vandia Grove, where subsurface water had caused the continual break-up of newly repaired potholes.

At the end of July, the workmen vanished, leaving an incomplete job, an exposed trench and numerous driveway entrances dug up and not properly filled.

Requests by the councillor for the JRA to return to complete the job have fallen on deaf ears.

The water main in this road has burst, on average, once every two weeks in the past two years.

Attempts by the councillor to meet member of the mayoral committee Ros Greeff have ended with three meetings cancelled at the last moment.

Baillie writes again: Johannesburg Water has issued a tender for the replacement of the water main in Kays and Cumberland avenues and this work is to be completed before the end of July this year.

The JRA did respond by returning to the site and filling the open subsoil drain with premix without reinstating the kerbs or completing the subsoil drain in accordance with their specifications.

Recently, Cumberland Avenue, opposite Ashford Estate, broke up due to subsurface water, leaving a huge pothole.

Thank you for your article – it had the desired effect. However, it would appear that the JRA has no respect for its own specifications.