Lerato Mbangeni

TWEETS of congratulations and thanks streamed in to the SA Hip-Hop Awards’ twitter account yesterday morning from award winners and those who attended the ceremony.

The glitches that characterised Wednesday night’s event were set aside with the understanding that the ceremony was the first of its kind in the country and could only get better in the years ahead.

Despite the problems, there were those who were optimistic that the initiative would improve with time.

One such musician is leading South African rapper Proverb who said he couldn’t care less about the naysayers. “We don’t have something like this [in South Africa],” he said. “It’s bad enough hip hop isn’t united as it is.”

The divisions were made clearer earlier in the day when AKA, nominated in eight categories including song of the year, publicly snubbed the awards stating he had not been informed of his nominations in time. He went on to win best male, album of the year and video of the year, even in his absence.

Winner of lyricist of the year Zakwe said he was very excited about his win even though he couldn’t make it. “I was really occupied in Durban,” he said, stating that he was booked before knowing about the awards. When asked what he felt the organisers could’ve done better he said: “Timing, letting us know in time… I only knew about them on Friday.”

Zakwe added that it meant much for him to be honoured by his peers and that he would collect his pyramid statue later on in the week.

Some of the other winners include:

l Song of the Year: Reason – Do It Like I Can

l Most Valuable Artist: AKA

l Album of the Year: AKA – Altar Ego

l DJ of the Year: Khenzero

l Best Producer: 37MPH

l Best Song Collaboration: Khuli Chana ft Notsi – Tswa Daar

l Music Video of the Year: AKA – Jealousy

l Best Female: Khanyi Mavi

l Best Male: AKA

l Best Freshman: Ifani Haymani

l Best Dance Crew: Reptilez