Rodgers Makhubela (29) hides from cameras at the South Gauteng High Court. Along with his father Booi Makhubela in court as their rape trial continues. Picture: Timothy Bernard 15.11.2012


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AN ALEXANDRA man who together with his father is facing multiple rape charges has told the Johannesburg High Court that five days is a long time for him to not have sex.

Rodgers Makhubela, 29, told the court that although he had two girlfriends in Joburg and others in Giyani, Limpopo, he paid prostitutes for sex because it is “what I like to do with my time”.

Makhubela, 29 – together with his father, Booi, 50 – is facing 39 charges, including 17 of rape and others of assault and robbery.

The two have pleaded not guilty to all counts.

Makhubela was being cross- examined by both the state prosecutor Arveena Persad and his father’s defence counsel Stephens Themba.

Themba quizzed him about his claim that his father had forced him to rape. “If you were forced to have sex, how did you manage to get an erection?” asked Themba.

“Yes, I was forced but when I saw the woman naked and because I had not had sex in a long time, I got an erection,” replied Makhubela.

Persad later put him on the spot by asking him the last time he had sex before the incident. Makhubela claimed he could not remember.

“I will help you remember, sir. It was the 14th of May 2009. This case [involving the father] happened on the 19th of May 2009. It is a week’s difference. Is that a long while, sir?”

“According to me it is,” replied Makhubela.

Persad charged again with questions regarding his sexual exploits with women he called prostitutes and those he “proposed love” to. Makhubela contradicted himself by saying he had approached a woman knowing she was a prostitute, when earlier he said he had “proposed love” to her only to later discover later she was a prostitute.

Realising his own contradiction, Makhubela raised his voice and appealed to his legal counsel to help him.

The trial continues.