LONDON: A British woman, born in SA to Scottish parents, is unable to work, marry, go on holiday or go to university because she has lost her birth certificate.

The Home Office has told Allem Kerr, 25, that there is no official record of her existence and has refused to accept that she is a British citizen


She has tried in vain to register her existence, but Home Office officials and the SA consulate keep telling her there is no official record of her birth.

She has even written to Prime Minister David Cameron but has not heard a word from him or his staff.

Kerr, of Balloch, West Dunbartonshire, even tried to contact the hospital where she was born, but to her dismay found it had closed – and the records moved or lost.

“I have basically been told I don’t exist.

I have been speaking to the passport office from the word go and they have told me there is no point applying because legally I don’t exist.” – Daily Mail