895 5.12.2012 Peter Foyn, his female friend and lawayer Rod Montan outside Alexandra Magistrates Court. Fyn was found guilty of molesting his karate students, he was senteced to three years house arrest and is starting his sentence today.


A year after crying sabotage, weeping in the dock and blaming his estranged wife for orchestrating sexual assault charges against him, a Fourways karate instructor got away with a house arrest sentence for molesting 11 students.

In a sentence that left family members and right groups shocked, magistrate Syta Prinsloo also sentenced dojo owner Peter Foyn to 20 hours of community service a month over three years.

This was largely because the 69-year-old, who fondled and touched children as young as eight inappropriately during training at his dojo, had changed his initial plea to guilty last month.

“One thing you’ve done for these children in the positive is sparing them cross-examination. At least you gave them a step in the positive direction,” said Prinsloo.

“Are we now supposed to be glad that he pleaded guilty?” a parent asked.