Tour d’Afrique cycle expedition and race crossed the border from Namibia into South Africa yesterday, to cycle through the final country before bicycles are laid down at the Cape Town Hotel School and Restaurant on Saturday.

After almost four months on the road, having visited nine countries, and with almost 11 000km on their bicycle computers, this year’s TdA participants crossed the final border of their journey when they entered South Africa at Vioolsdrift.

It has been a long, at times arduous, trek as they ventured through the Muslim countries of Egypt and Sudan, travelled back in time in Ethiopia, made their way through wild Africa in Kenya and Tanzania before facing the tropics in Malawi and endless savannas in Zambia and Botswana. These past two weeks were spent in the majestic landscapes of Namibia before entering the final country of their journey, South Africa.

During this time they have experienced as much of Africa as anyone can hope to do in a lifetime. From developed cities such as Nairobi and Windhoek and countries with well-developed infrastructure to places that live off foreign aid and have gone through revolution in the past year.

Participants have been able to gather an informed impression of the continent of Africa as a whole and are sure to head back to their home countries as ambassadors of the mother continent.

One thing is certain, every one of these participants – whether they have cycled every fabulous inch or simply enjoyed the ride – have done something remarkable with the last four months of their lives.

Race standings:


1 Christian Sailer (Switzerland) 307:40:59

2 Raffael Schrof (Germany) 310:18:47

3 Bryce Walsh (USA) 324:35:32


1 Femke Nelissen (Netherlands) 459:06:34

2 Jennifer Davenport (UK) 513:04:48

3 Esther Borg (Australia) 521:42:51