Dr Musa Mthombeni. Picture Supplied.
Dr Musa Mthombeni on parents who create social media accounts for their children and talks about the future of technology.

Q.Do you think you can survive without your smartphone?

A.It depends what you mean when you say survive. To be honest, no; you need it for everything.

Q.How many apps do you have on your smartphone and which one do you use most?

A.I have quite a few downloaded apps. Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, private email accounts and banking apps. Here is my top five of the apps I use most: WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, my banking app and Google Maps.

Q.How often do you check data balance on your smartphone?

A. I don’t check it. I have a good deal with Vodacom when it comes to data. So I know I always have data. I get 60 gigs.

Q.For a birthday present, which gadgets would you buy for your parents?

A.My parents don’t want to move with the times. So I would definitely get them smart TVs.

Q.Name two gadgets you will never buy for your sister. Why?

A. I would probably not buy a camera for my sister. My sister takes a lot of pictures.

Q. What are your thoughts on parents who create social media accounts for their children and post content on their behalf?

A. Number one, technically it is illegal. Some companies have rules that no under-13s should be operating these accounts. I guess the person operating it, is the parents. Maybe later the child will inherit it. A lot of the time, it is for money purposes. I am not against it, but be careful how you operate. People kidnap children. But, if you like posting your child, go for it.

Q. If you were to invent your own medical device, how would it look?

A. I would definitely invent something like a diabetic or sugar reader, but one that is in your body.

Q. Where do you see technology and the medical profession in the future?

A. Those go hand in hand. In order to progress, we need technology to be right up there so that we can help patients fast.

Q. If you could buy laptops for learners, which brand would it be and why?

A. I would buy something that is universal. Microsoft windows HP.

Q. How often do you search for your name on Google?

I don’t do that.