HELD hostage for nine hours, raped by six youths and then left go – with a contemptuous offer of R10.

This is what happened to a 15-year-old Limpopo girl last weekend.

But this time was different. Found crying on the roadside after her ordeal by a concerned community member, she was encouraged to go to the police who acted with alacrity. The six youths, whose ages range from 15 to 17, have appeared in court on charges of rape.

They had attacked the girl, threatening to stab her to death if she didn’t come with them.

She did – and then experienced the worst nine hours of her life, as the youths took their time, having their sport with her. She was dragged to a house believed to belong to one of the gang’s relatives.

Now an entire community waits with bated breath, hoping that justice will prevail and her attackers will not escape punishment for what they did.

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