I have always been a brilliant observer of mankind, blessed with unique wisdom and objectivity, impeccably fair in judgement, unfettered by ancient prejudices.

And verily, in my lifetime I have witnessed an evolution that has worked a complete reversal of the intellectual power of old and young people.

When I was young, nobody seemed to die and the world was full of stupid old people poring over books and listening to weird music without beat or end. You never spoke to them, because a veil of incomprehension obscured their eyes. And they never spoke to you, because they knew only fossil-speak.

Now, 50 years later, the world is crammed with stupid young people who are forever fingering mobile telephones and listening to music with monosyllabic lyrics, no melody and a throbbing beat that announces their cars 10 blocks away. They never speak to you, because they are in a hurry to get to some place where they can fornicate and smoke dagga. You do not speak to them, because the blessed light of cognition is not in their eyes and anyway you have for many years not heard one of them utter anything coherent. The only thing about them that fascinates you is how they manage to know so absolutely zilch.

Now that I have mentioned it, do you not suddenly realise that you have noticed the same thing?