Over a 100 people were left homeless after 50 shacks were razed to the ground in Kathrada Park, an informal settlement in Claremont.

Johannesburg - An "unattended candle" is alleged to have caused a fire that left over a 100 people homeless after 50 shacks were razed to the ground.

According to Johannesburg Emergency Services' Robert Mulaudzi the fire started in the early hours of Monday morning in Kathrada Park, an informal settlement in Claremont.

"We received a call 4:30 about that one of shacks caught fire. Over 50 shacks have been affected by this fire incident. We are looking at between 100 to 120 people who have been left displaced," Mulaudzi said. 

He said the Disaster Management team was on its way to help the residents who were now homeless. 

Michael Kekana, 43, who has been living at Kathrada Park for 10 years said he was heartbroken that his shack got burned down. 

"I am not feeling well. I can't believe that this happened. I was asleep when I heard noise from my neighbours. They were shouting that we should all wake up and run since there is fire. 

"My wife and I woke the kids and we went out. There was nothing we could do. We lost everything," the heartbroken man said. 

Kekana who managed to save his ID and passport said he would like government to and assist them. 

"We need their help. They must come and help us. All we are asking for is shacks and food. We lost everything," Kekana said.

Community leader, Molefi Lesimole said they were busy registering the names of all people who lost their shacks. 

"We want to make sure that we have the names of all the residents so that it can be easy to get help. This is an unfortunate situation. We hope we will get help. We will take it to Disaster Management," he said.

As soon as the fire had been put out, some residents immediately started rebuilding their shacks.

* This is a developing story.

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