A client lured Nthabiseng Selesho to her house where she was robbed, strangled then bundled into her car which was then set alight.

On September 4, 2014 Nthabiseng Selesho, a jewellery saleswoman, had just been at work for a few days as she had just returned from a two month maternity leave.

While at work, one of her regular customers, Candice Prevost, called her and asked her to come to her house to show her some jewellery as she was interested in buying some. It was against company policy for saleswomen to go and meet clients at their houses. They were only supposed to meet them at their places of work. On that day, however, Nthabiseng, 23,  went to Candice's house as she was a well known client who had been buying from the company for years.

Candice lived in Boksburg in a flat she shared with her fiancé Ashley De Villiers as well as former fiancé Wayne Williams. As Nthabiseng got into her car and made her way to the house, she didn't know that Candice was not really interested in buying any jewellery. She, De Villiers and Williams were broke and had been thinking of ways of getting money and Candice then mentioned Nthabiseng and the fact that she carried a lot of jewellery around.

That is when a plan was hatched that Candice lure Nthabiseng to her house under the pretext of buying jewellery then they rob her.

 At the house, Candice chose some pieces she was interested in and made an electronic payment (which never went through as she had no money in the bank). Nthabiseng got up to leave and as she made her way to the door, De Villiers and Williams strangled her.

Her body was then bundled in the back of her car and the trio drove to Lenasia, parked her car in the bushes then set it alight. From there they sold the jewellery, went to a casino to gamble and also bought drugs. All that was found of Nthabiseng when her car was later found in the bushes were just charred remains.

The three were arrested a few days later but distanced themselves from the crimes, then later implicated each other during the trial.

They claimed that they were not totally lucid on that day as they were under the influence of drugs hence they could not be held accountable for their actions.

However, Acting judge Andre Petersen slapped them with life sentences, saying  the three had not shown any remorse for their actions. He also said he could not find compelling and exceptional circumstances that would justify the deviation from handing them life sentences.

At the time of her death, Nthabiseng's baby was only two months old and because of Candice, De Villiers and Williams, he was deprived the chance of growing up with a mother and being nurtured by her. 

For Nthabiseng's  sake and the sake of women everywhere, if you know somebody who has committed an act of violence against a woman Don't Look Away. 

If you know a young woman's life is in danger, Don't Look Away. 
If you are able to help prevent another tragedy, Don't Look Away.