A Joburg Water service truck leaves the depot a kilometre away from a shopping centre in Strathavon Sandton where it is alleged trucks block off the roads at around lunch time. Picture: Timothy Bernard 31.05.2012


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TRUCKS and earthmoving equipment being used by Johannesburg Water (JW) at all hours of the day and night, and in some cases for private use, are upsetting Sandton residents.

They claim the noise from the Zandfontein depot in Kramerville is making life unbearable for them and devaluing their properties.

Rob Dale says residents have to endure the noise of earthmoving equipment firing up and going places, at all times of the day and night – over weekends and public holidays specifically, after hours when office staff are not there.

But, he says, the vehicles are not going out to work.

“Fixing reticulation problems? No – going shopping at the nearest petrol station convenience store on Bowling Avenue, the South Road shopping centre or Alexandra.

“We have photos to prove it,” he said.

Dale says residents are asking why these private contractors, as JW claims they are, are allowed to disturb the peace and devalue properties in the area when they are being hired to provide a service.

“What are they being paid (using our money as JW clients) that allows them to use gas-guzzling earthmoving machines as raucous run-abouts every single day and still remain in business?

Why is a utility vehicle not provided to them by JW, or by them (considering the money they must be making), to allow shopping that does not disturb the hundreds of neighbours?” he asks.

JW, however, says the noise issue is affecting only houses that are next to or in the vicinity of the Zandfontein depot.

JW spokeswoman Millicent Kabew said the trucks going in and out were responding to emergency bursts and calls.

“It is part of JW operation and maintenance to run these trucks throughout the day to get the work done.”


Kabew did not respond to the allegation that the trucks were being used to go to the shops.