to the incident reported in The Star, where a gun was used when fireworks were let off on Diwali, I had a similar incident, but the other way around.

From my knowledge, and please advise me if I am incorrect, no fireworks are allowed by law unless you have a certificate from the municipality allowing you to do so.

A year ago when I lived in Randpark Ridge our neighbours across the road started setting off very loud fireworks and they didn’t pre-warn us. I went across to complain, as our animals were petrified, as the fireworks were more like a mortar attack. The neighbour pulled a gun on me and told me to go back to where I came from (I am English).

I complied with the law on bonfire night and I have never let off fireworks. Can someone explain why some people react like this and get away with it?

Cheryl Chisholm