SOUND DEAL: The kings of Gqom, Distruction Boyz, say they have partnered with Zillionaire Air because it supports young talent.
GQOM kings Distruction Boyz have partnered with Zillionaire Air Technologies and are looking forward to using their products to make new music.

“We chose to partner with them because they are one of the fastest-growing brands in Africa that supports young talent and gives them the space to explore with all their gadgets that they produce for the mass market.”

Their favourite product from the company is the Air Book Pro because it allows them to store as much music as possible.

“We are done with our album that we are launching next Friday but we are looking forward to using it on our new music and in upcoming gigs. The laptops are great and look amazing. We especially like the headsets from the brand.”

The Ngoma Yami hit makers will be releasing their first studio album Gqom is the Future on October 20 but the album is already available on iTunes for pre-orders.

“People can expect nothing but the best of Gqom music.”

Zillionaire Air founder Vukile Manzi said the brand was an inspirational one for all things gadget. “Everyone can use the products with pride knowing that they are proudly South African. Distruction Boyz are a young talented duo, who young people look up to and are inspired by.

"For our brand, having them means bringing a youthful look to the brand, and it is attractive to every age group because we have gadgets for everyone.”

Manzi said their gadgets, which include laptops, smartphones, tablets and headsets, were genuine and quality gadgets.

“All our gadgets are purely designed by me, the founder of this vision, and all are high-spec but affordable.

“We have five stores across the continent. We want to empower Africa with our products and have the best music talent on board."

Manzi said he was working on a music festival to launch the gadgets across the continent at the end of the month.